QSR Rate Mark-up chart

How does Zero Percent Rate Mark-up work and how does it save you money?

This chart shows you how it all works. We pass through the wholesale rate cost directly to you and eliminate the standard processing rate mark-up, saving you money.

This is an example of what happens with a $12 sale purchased with a Visa CPS/Rewards 1 credit card (one of the most common card types).

Compare the rate mark-up (the pricing structure of most processors) to our Zero Percent Rate Mark-up and see for yourself how much you’d save!

In this example, you would save six cents on this single transaction. Think of what those savings would be when multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of transactions.

Now you're seeing the big picture.

By paying a monthly membership fee (and a standard per transaction fee of $0.10), you receive the processing rates and assessments at cost, meaning the Interchange Rates (wholesale) are passed directly through to you. Congratulations, you have just bypassed the middleman and gone direct.

Everything operates exactly as before, but we pass all of the savings on to you.



Our restaurant owner customers have a choice between credit card processing (with a Zero Percent rate Mark-up), the popular Cash Discount Program, or more traditional Interchange Plus Pricing. No matter which they choose, they enjoy the best pricing in the industry.

Our customer service lines are answered 24/7, because any downtime is not acceptable to us and when you need answers, we want to be there to help.

We provide the latest and greatest in terminal technology. All terminals are Chip Readers, and can accept contactless payments.

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