Honest, real, transparent pricing

It's easy for credit card processors and merchant service providers to make empty promises about low rates and huge savings. In fact, you've heard it hundreds of times. By now, you don't know who or what to believe.

We put our money where our mouth is. Our rates are posted for all to see. No hidden agendas, no junk fees, no bait and switch.

We give you three ways to save. It's your choice.

The best technology on the market

Our terminals are shipped to you (at no cost to you) and arrive pre-programed and ready to use. They are plug-and-play. Just plug them in and start processing transactions. No frustrating programming downloads, no confusing instruction manuals.

You have a choice of EMV Compliant terminals that use mobile, wireless, ethernet or phone connections or any combination of the above!

Award Winning Customer Service, Always

Giving you the best customer service you've ever had is our goal. Our customer service lines are available 24/7 and we will bend over backwards to get you answers right away.

We don't have long term contracts, equipment leases, or early termination fees, and our terminal rolls are provided free of charge. Just one more way to show you that we are your partner in growing your bottom line.


Since 1993

Quick Serve Restaurants are unique

You operate on a razor thin margin and fight for every penny on your bottom line. We know that the struggle is real for you and have designed our exclusive QSR Processing program especially for your industry.

Every credit card processor promises to give you the lowest rates (translation: the lowest MARK-UP over wholesale, or Interchange, being charged by the banks and card issuers). Let's face it, you didn't get to where you are by being overly gullible. But how do you separate the truth from fiction?

Our programs are designed to save you real money, and are not just lip-service, blowing smoke, and sales-speak. We believe in being open, up-front, and transparent. When you work with us, you will know our costs and our margins. It's not a secret. See for yourself why our programs are used by thousands of businesses just like yours across the country.

QSR Worker

Go ahead and reach out...

We promise that you will speak to a caring member of our management with no high-pressure sales techniques. Just honest answers to your questions.

QSR Processing is powered by IntraFirst Merchant Services.